A downloadable game for Windows

Like Flies is a 2D game where you play as a personification of death. Make your way through a 30-floor building filled with various doors and elevators while claiming those whose time has come. Inspired by Elevator Action and the art of Francis Bacon. 

You have a limited time to make your way to the exit on floor 0. Many will attempt to slow you down; but they can only delay death, not stop it. Throw nails at your foes while avoiding their bullets as you move towards your destination. 

 - Left/right arrows to move
 - Up/down arrows to operate elevators
 - Z to jump
 - X to fire
 - C to interact (with red doors) for extra time

Sole Creator - Harrison Sinnamon (applemons)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run the .exe inside. No prerequisite files required. 


Like Flies - Release 0.8.zip 21 MB